What’s the application of probiotics on agriculture?

There can be 3 objectives for probiotics applications:
i. To facilitate the nutrition uptake, ex. Trichoderma, mycorrhizal fungi, and phosphate solubilizing bacteria.
ii. For biological pest control, lower the usage of chemical pesticide, ex. B. thuringiensis, M. anisopliae, and Beauveria.
iii. To produce antibiotics as biological pesticide, ex. B. subtilis and B. amyloliquefaciens.


BAOLin was established in 2004, we insist on the idea of "safe and non-toxic" and produce bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizers to replace the chemical products in agriculture.
We provide safe, non-toxic product to promote organic agriculture with the concept of eco-friendly and chemical free agriculture, and devote on sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment.