About Us
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BAOLin Biotech was founded at Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park in 2004. We have been cooperated with researchers and focused on agricultural products for decades and several SCI papers were published.
Our core idea is 'nature against nature'. As the environmental awareness is coming into people's mind, the food quality and body condition are taken more and more seriously. The agricultural products are important sources of nutrition, which is why the residual pesticide is a big issue after fertilizing and disinsection. It is our duty to keep the environment safe and clean for the future generations.
To solve the chemical pesticide problem, we use biopesticides to prevent and control the infection to root as well as the biofertilizers and bio-stimulants are useful tools to promote plant growth and yield and benefit the farmers. Our main products include microbial pesticide, organic fertilizer, bio-stimulants, and soil remediation agent. All these products are eco-friendly and safe.
Another way to lower the chemical pesticide usage is to develop alternative biological materials. We have developed products containing organic media and liquid amino acid fertilizer. There will be more choices for farmers to devote to organic agriculture.
Our advanced technique of fermentation procedure can provide high quality products with reasonable prices that fit any kind of request. Our target market will be reaching to international and on-line marketing, mainly in Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand in the future.


BAOLin was established in 2004, we insist on the idea of "safe and non-toxic" and produce bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizers to replace the chemical products in agriculture.
We provide safe, non-toxic product to promote organic agriculture with the concept of eco-friendly and chemical free agriculture, and devote on sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment.