Biostimulant is neither a pesticide nor a traditional fertilizer. It is a substance containing certain ingredients or microorganisms. A small application amount can promote the growth and development of plants. It can be applied to plants to promote plant physiological metabolism, enhance nutrient absorption, such as improving plant nutrient utilization, improving plant resistance to stress, and improving yield and quality, but it has nothing to do with nutrition.


Learn about biostimulants:

★Biostimulants contain non-artificially synthesized active substances, which can directly act on plants.

★The international classification of biostimulant products includes: humic acid, amino acids, seaweed extracts, honey fermentation products, microorganisms and their metabolites, oligosaccharides, small molecule peptides, plant hormones, unsaturated fatty acids, alkaloids, minerals, etc., Different types of products have different functions and effects.

★Biostimulants are different from traditional fertilizers. These substances will not cause any harmful effects on humans, animals and the environment.

★Biostimulants do not directly act on plants, but through specific transformation process, stimulate and activate plants, and at the same time stimulate the development of beneficial microbial flora in the soil.

★The composition of biostimulant is more complicated, and the production process is more difficult, but it is more stable and safer than traditional fertilizers.


BAOLin was established in 2004, we insist on the idea of "safe and non-toxic" and produce bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizers to replace the chemical products in agriculture.
We provide safe, non-toxic product to promote organic agriculture with the concept of eco-friendly and chemical free agriculture, and devote on sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment.